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About Us
History of SRS Monitoring of Services
Key Personnel Quality Assurance
HIPAA Conformance
Mission, Vision and Program Goals Support Services

History Of The Agency
SRS, Inc. is an Nationally Accredited Organization through CARF, Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities that was founded on February 15, 2001. Since its inception, SRS has reached milestones & has expanded its delivery of services.

On July 09, 2010, SRS recieved certification from the NC DHHS and DMA as a CABHA, Critical Access Behavioral Healthcare Agency.
Currently, SRS provides Diagnostic Assessments, Pychiatric Assessments, Medication Management, Out Patient Therapy for children, adults & families,Level III Residential Treatment, Targeted Case Management and Intensive In-Home Services for At-Risk Children with behavioral and emotional problems displayed within their home, school, and / or community setting.

We also employ Evidence Based Practice Treatment Modalities such as Strengthening Family Program, Motivational Interviewing & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to engage, treat and to pursue our mission to improve the quality of life for every child and their family.

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Key Personnel

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It is our philosophy to help every child and their families to achieve their own potential. We place an emphasis on their strengths and resources.

We work to empower and foster every child and / or their families with the development of a strong, healthy sense of self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Mission Statement
It is our mission to enhance and improve individuals and families quality of life through determined, positive action and advocacy directed toward independence and productivity to the greatest degree possible.

All services are directed by the principles of person-or family-centered planning in which the individual or family determines the future they desire.

SRS will be a leader in quality and in managing superior community behavioral health services through innovative strategies, cutting edge technology, and a proactive focus.

Program Goals
SRS specializes in assisting individuals with inappropriate social behaviors and problems with daily living obligations. SRS specializes in assisting individuals with inappropriate social behaviors and problems with daily living obligations. In response to this objective, SRS has established the following two goals:

To ensure the health, safety, and functional abilities of the persons receiving the care; and to ensure linkage to appropriate community resources.

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Monitoring of Services
SRS has established a policy with which the agency will comply regarding the essential elements of the models of best practice, including those recommended by the Division of MH/DD/SA Services.

SRS's will continue to follow the best practice approaches, protocols, and methods of monitoring best practices for continuous quality improvement for consumers. Our monitoring approach will ensure the following best practices are executed successfully:

Person-centered planning practice

Self-determination principles as applied to practice

System of care/supports philosophy as applied to practice

Evidence-based preventions practice

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SRS Established Measures for Quality
SRS Enhanced Mental Health Services are designed for positive clinical outcomes. With over 20 years of experience in behavioral counseling, the staff of SRS have taken the time to develop and refine the best practices for every detail related to the challenges and changes within the clinical counseling and rehabilitation industry.

SRS makes the difference through Strong Clinical Experiences, HIPAA Conformance, and Client Support Solutions.

Strong Clinical Experiences
We hold ourselves to a higher standard at Sierra's Residential Services, and no one exemplifies this more than our professional clinicians and support staff. Our knowledge, leadership, company culture, and high standards come directly from our management team.

At SRS, our management team possesses strong real-world clinical experience in the areas of intervention, assessment, and counseling.

Further, management at SRS is an active and continually rehearsed function. In order to be most effective, our management team actively practices the standard of Leadership by Setting the Example.

If you were to observe our daily operations on any given day, you will find our management team is very involved in the delivery of our professional intervention services. As such, we consider our management teams effectiveness to be one of our topmost differentiators.

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HIPAA Conformance
At Sierra's Residential Services, we place a high emphasis on conformance with HIPAA requirements for the confidentiality of patient information, processes and the security of information. Our efforts in this area include all of the following:

Conformance with operational procedures and guidelines

Application of appropriate security systems and applications for electronic systems

Training and refresher training for staff member on the importance of confidentiality and HIPAA guidelines

Regular internal self-assessment and audit

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Client Support Services
At Sierra's Residential Services, we combine all of our talents, clinical experience, and practices to deliver a support system that focus on generating the most positive outcomes possible for our clients. Inherently important to the process of meeting these goals is our ability to effectively service referral requests, conduct assessments, and to deliver effective interventions in a timely manner.

In order to do this, we have organized our client support services programs to ensure effective communications and availability to our clients, and referral sources. Our client services program incorporates all of the following communications tools:

Referral contact support desk

Client contact support line

Printed literature

Program orientations

Additionally, all of our personnel and team members go through evaluations to ensure that only persons with the right skills and demeanor work on our client facing teams. You will find that our client services team members are always friendly, helpful and fully capable of solving problems quickly.