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My son and I have been involved with Sierra Services for few years now. The services that are offered are great, beyond the expectations I expected. They have been there for Intense home therapy, counseling, support for school and along the way filled in many and any gaps that we needed. Sierra has extremely qualified staff members who really and truly care about the success of the clients (I don't like to be called that but for this letter I will use it) and making sure they exhausted every avenue possible. My son is a difficult child and is very unique at the same time. Sierra has managed to pull things out of thin air to use and aid with helping my child. My son has made big progress with the help of Sierra and the services they offer. They have turned into apart of our family. Even Mr. Scottie has jumped in a few times when I needed him. Ms Elanie has been awesome. She has turned into my support [through] the years. When Sierra sees there is a need for something, they make it happen. Unlike others services who what you to work within their means, Sierra will think outside the box and make it happen. Weather they need to do it them selves or involve others to join. To me and working with Sierra so long I can truly say they will always be caring and compassionate about the services they offer there clients.

Thank you, A Caring Parent

I would like to express my appreciation for your incredible service to my son and daughter for all the help you have given my family. Sierra Residential Service has made my family better people, and I am so happy for the service they have given us, they have been very valuable to us. I wish them many more success.

Sincerely, A Caring Parent