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Level III Residential Services

Program Design
It is SRS's primary purpose to provide therapeutic services for children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulties functioning within their home setting and who are “At Risk of Detention or Secured Setting.

Program Description
Level III Child Residential is a 24-hour facility which provides residential services to children and youth in a home environment where the primary purpose of these services is the rehabilitation of individuals who have a mental illness and who require supervision when in the residence.  A supervised living facility is licensed by the NC Division of Health Services Regulation
Entrance Criteria -Children seven through 17 are eligible for this service when:
  1. An individual must have an Axis I or Axis II diagnosis or the person must have a condition that may be identify the need of medical necessity for a 1300, 1500 or 1700 mental health facility.
  2. At risk for out of home placement, hospitalization, and /or institutionalization due to symptoms associated with diagnosis.
  3. Presents with intensive verbal, and limited physical aggression due to symptoms associated with diagnosis, which are sufficient to create 
    functional problems in a community setting.
  4. At risk of exclusion from services, placement or significant community support systems as a result of functional behavioral problems associated with the diagnosis.
  5. Requires a structured setting to foster successful integration into the community through individualized interventions and activities.