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Sierra's Residential Services, Inc. is a certified CABHA (Critical Access Behavioral Healthcare Agency) Organization and is Nationally Accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, (CARF). We provide a continuum care of services for children and their families within the Lee, Harnett, Roberson, Wake, Moore and the Cumberland County areas that are currently experiencing difficulties with regards to functioning successfully in the home, school / or their community settings.

Mission Statement
It is our philosophy to help every child and their families to achieve their own potential. We place an emphasis on their strengths and resources. We work to empower and foster every child and / or their families with the development of a strong, healthy sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. It is our mission to enhance and improve individuals and families quality of life through determined, positive action and advocacy directed toward independence and productivity to the greatest degree possible. All services are directed by the principles of person-or family-centered planning in which the individual or family determines the future they desire.

Admission Criteria
In order to be considered for admission, a child/adolescent must be:

1. engaging in a persistent pattern of disruptive behavior

2. exhibiting disturbances in adaptive functioning and social problem solving

3. and, exhibiting disturbances in psychological functioning.

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We accept referrals from CABHA (Critical Access Behavioral Healthcare Agency) Organizations, physicians, mental health professionals, school official, protective services, juvenile courts, parents and other residential/acute care inpatient facilities. Referrals can be made online at srscounseling.com or by contacting the Admissions Office at Sierras Residential Services at (910) 814-4243, (910) 814-4244 or via Fax at (910) 814-4245.


For more information, please contact the business office at (910) 814-4243, 910) 814-4244 or via Fax at (910) 814-4245.

We are a CABHA (Critical Access Behavioral Healthcare Agency) Organization that offers the following services:

  •  Psychiatric Assessments / Medication Management
  •  Individual Therapy
  •  Family Therapy
  •  Intensive In-Home Services / On Call Services 24/7/365 days
  •  Child and Adolescent Day Treatment Program
  •  Diagnostic Assessments
  •  Level III Residential Treatment for children and adolescents
  •  Free Transportation Services
Our Licensed Psychiatrist, MD provides psychiatric evaluations & medication management as deemed medically necessary for children, adolescents, and adults in the areas of Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

Our Licensed Master Level Professionals provide individual and family therapies to children and adolescents with Mental Health Problems.

Our Intensive In-home Services Program provides case management, individual and family therapies to families with child(ren) that are At-risk for out of home placement or school suspension. This service also includes First Responder Crisis Response on a 24/7/365 basis to families experiencing a crisis.D

Our Child and Adolescent Day Treatment Program is a structured treatment service in a licensed facility for children or adolescents and their families for are unable to benefit from participation in academic or vocational services at a developmentally appropriate level in a traditional school or work setting. We utilize the researches best evidence based practices designed to reduce symptoms and improve level of social, emotional, or behavioral functiioning.

Our Licensed Clinicians provides Diagnostic Assessments and / or Comprehensive Clinical Assessments to children and adolescents who are in need of clinical determination for treatment.

Our Level III Residential Treatment Facilities provide twenty-four hour (24 hr.) supervision for males child(ren) or adolescent(s) with behavioral and emotional difficulties. Our programs focuses on rehabilitating and preparing the customer to become a productive citizen and to reside successfully in the least restrictive environment.

Free Transportation Services are offered to those members who have difficulty accessing mental health services due to transportation barriers.